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FICATOURS (http://www.futureinvestorsclub.com/index-fltours.cfm), financial leadership training travel events, are designed to expose students to the best business schools, corporations, commodity, stock exchanges and financial districts in the world. Students that successfully complete our training programs are eligible to participate in these awesome financial field trips and learning opportunities.

Several subject areas in order to prepare them to have a broad knowledge in the field of international business, finance and leadership. Students explore Worldwide Stock and Commodity Exchanges, International Investment Markets, Global Investment Strategies, Foreign Currency Trading, International Business and Financial Management.

In addition, students learn about the world of International Trade, Population, Environment, Comparative Economic Systems, International Finance, International Financial Management, International Trade Operations, International Marketing, Managing Cultural Diversity and Supply Chain Management.

Finally students are also introduced to the importance of learning Foreign Languages. FICATOURS includes: Top 25 Business Schools, Fortune 500 Companies, Business Districts, Commodity and Stock Exchanges, Silicon Valley, Washington DC and much more.

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