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FICA Whiz Kids and Teens E-school Programs

(, The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School incorporates professionally developed proprietary e-learning curriculum, high tech audio, fun engaging financial games, strategic lesson plans, the latest online internet software as a service technology, collaborative education web links, financial aptitude quizzes, interactive worksheets, animation and educational video's designed to keep students motivated to learn.

The complete Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system consist of 100 online e-learning portals and is designed for students to start learning as early as 8 years old and continue through their middle, high school and even college years.

The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system networks includes: Mantis Money and Math, Kids and Teens 99 Ways To Earn Extra Cash, Young Investors Dream Life, Young Investors Banking, Young Investors Planning, Young Investors Training, Future Investors Stock Exchange, Young Investors Kit, and Young Traders Network.

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( FICASOFT is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America and is designed be the number one developer of financial education Software As A Service, Mobile APPS and websites. During the past 12 years, FICASOFT has achieved a leadership position as a financial education e-learning development expert, professional web design and Software Company in the IT market focusing on business and financial intelligence training applications. Our top quality software development process is designed to create powerful software solutions that is capable of meeting ongoing demands.

Our expert developers will use 3D Animation to illustrate complex concepts to subscribers, inspire students and teachers, and entertain a diverse audience. With access to a network of full 3D studios, we can use our creative ideas to increase the financial intelligence of students ages 8-19.

FICAAPPS a division of FICASOFT will launch multiple Mobile games that are the most profitable category in app stores, and a powerful tool in a viral campaign. From 2D, 2.5D to full 3D, we can make our game ideas become a reality.

In addition, our experts use Aaugmented Reality (AR) which is the combination of computer-generated graphics with the real world through the built-in camera. Overlay statistics, maps, animations and video on your user's environment. Perfect for our upcoming financial education children's books, e-learning, marketing ads, and much more.

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Future Investors Stock Exchange Educational Program

(FISE) ( Investors Stock Exchange (FISE) plays an important part of our youth financial education training strategy. FISE allows students to learn first hand just how financial markets work around the world.

FISE incorporates the highly popular Stock Market Simulation Competitions, Worldwide Stock Exchanges, Commodity Markets, including superior Software and Curriculum. In addition the Future Investors Stock Exchange helps to introduce students to Bond and Currency Markets as well as Mutual Funds and Financial News.

FISE also adheres to the philosophy that in order for young people to become successful financially, it is equally important for them to begin learning and practicing wealth strategies at the youngest possible age and that building wealth takes practice.

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