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The FICAESCHOOL Financial Whiz Kids and Teens (http://www.ficaeschool.com), network incorporates professionally developed curriculum, high tech audio, fun engaging financial games, strategic lesson plans, the latest online internet software as a service technology, collaborative education web links, financial aptitude quizzes, interactive worksheets, animation and educational video's designed to keep students motivated to learn.

The complete Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system consist of 100 online e-learning portals and is designed for students to start learning as early as 8 years old and continue through their middle, high school and even college years.

The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system networks includes: Mantis Money and Math, Kids and Teens 99 Ways To Earn Extra Cash, Young Investors Dream Life, Young Investors Banking, Young Investors Planning, Young Investors Training, Future Investors Stock Exchange, Young Investors Kit, and Young Traders Network.

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FICASOFT (http://www.ficasoft.com/), is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America and is positioned to be the number one developer of financial education online e-learning SaaS applications. FICASOFT is a United States of America Software Development company that specializes in financial education software and e-learning training applications.

Our creative and professional development team provides Custom Software Development, Agile Software Development, Application Development, eCommerce Website Design, Web Marketing, Maintenance Services, Website Design and Web Application Development designed to deliver top quality software development services and products at a reasonably cost.

During the past 12 years, FICASOFT has achieved a leadership position as a financial education e-learning development expert, professional web design and Software Company in the IT market focusing on business and financial intelligence training applications. Our top quality software development process is designed to create powerful software solutions that is capable of meeting ongoing demands.

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FICAAPPS (http://www.ficaapps.com/), competitions, games, simulations and investment training applications are a major part of the Future Investor Clubs of America digital financial education training strategy. FICAAPPS games and training applications will be designed to allow students to learn first hand just how financial markets work around the world in a fun and interactive way. Students will practice making investments in a fun and safe way by playing games or by starting their own investment portfolio.

FICAAPPS incorporates the highly popular Stock Market Simulation Competitions. In addition, students practice buying, selling or predicting by playing games that use real market data. . In addition, our FICA Investment Game will allow students to Buy and sell your favorite instruments and watch your profit or loss update in real-time as you learn to manage a virtual portfolio.

FICAAPPS Prediction Game allows students to put their forecasting skills to the test by predicting prices and comparing them to the rest of the community. In addition, our Leader Board allows students to see where they stand against the rest of the FICAAPPS community and win weekly or monthly investment prizes if they are on top of the leaderboard.

The FICAAPPS Academy is a mobile educational resource designed to help people learn about financial markets and investing in an intuitive and relatable manner and the FICA INSTRUCTOR Financial educators can manage a virtual classroom of students who are using FICAAPPS as a learning tool, monitor their progress and administer competitions.

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