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Financial Literacy News, Inc.

Financial Literacy News(http://www.financialliteracynews.com) is designed to provide students, parents and teachers the latest news in the area of career, business and financial literacy training. Subscribers also gain insight into Personal Finance, while exploring such topics as Kids & Teens spending habits.

In addition, subscribers are exposed to stories concerning various financial literacy topics such as; Mutual Funds, Savings Bonds, Commodity and Stock Market news. Also included are articles and videos of Corporate Reports, Business, Economic and Regulatory News designed to help keep readers informed about financial markets.

Financial Literacy News, Advertisers and Sponsors are provided with many unique promotional opportunites.

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The FICARADIO network (http://www.ficaradio.com/)founded in 2008, initially started as a online media source for individuals searching for money and financial talk radio. It will continue that mission while at the same time serving as a place for our members and administrator to post audio content relating to FICA programs and events.

We understand that your financial goals and objectives will vary depending on what stage of life you are in. Whether you are still in high school, college, retired, approaching retirement, getting married, buying a home or starting a business there is an important point to keep in mind: Its never too early or too late to take control of your financial security.

FICARADIO will be promoted as financial media educational website designed to attracts millions of users and advertisers each month. Consumers, parents, students and teachers are able to tune in and listen, numerous important financial topics shared by some of the best financial minds on the planet. FICARADIO topics includes: Kids and Money Annuities, Bonds, Budgeting, Commodities and Currency Trading, Personal Finance, Stocks and more.

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FICATV (http://www.ficatv.com), founded in 2008, is the primary media source for Future Investor Clubs of America, Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps, Winning On Wall Street Kickoffs, Testimonials, financial education videos, promotions and other important training programs.

In addition, FICATV allows us to feature special documentaries designed to increase the financial intelligence of consumers, students and teachers. From the beginning our goal has been to grow FICA TV into an top financial educational media website that attracts users, viewers and advertisers each month.

Also allowing our sponsors to feature their products and services. FICA TV content includes our own created material, licensed material, user-generated content, and other third party content.

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FICAWEAR Financial Apparel and Promotional Items (http://www.ficawear.com/), provides unique look for the Financially Minded individual. Our creative brands such Mantis Money and Math, Financial Literacy News, Saving Cents is Common Cents just to name a few, provides individuals, campers, clubs, chapters and centers with a unique look that are sure to turn heads.

Individuals, members, subscribers and sponsors can get started with our globally famous t-shirts, polo wear, watches, binders, hoodies, hats, travel mugs, sweat shirts, dress ties and or post the latest calendar. In addition schoolers can look the part by caring their books, Ipads, pens etc... in one our fashionable back packs, string bags and more.

FICAWEAR apparel and promotional items are uniquely designed to stand out because of creativity and the quality of all materials used.

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