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FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps

(, Fun, Exciting and Informative!

These three terms sum up the FICA Young Investor Wall Street Summer Camps. Young Investors enjoy our proprietary financial intelligence training curriculums, videos and investment/trading portfolio development, games, financial field trips to local business districts, financial institutions, major corporations and guest speakers.

FICA summer camps are to be held on the campuses of America's most prestigious Colleges and Universities. In addition, each summer camp has been designed to provide special emphases on certain key economic industries, such as: Travel & Tourism, Technology-Communications, Entertainment-Media, Energy-Space Technology, Commodity Markets, Franchise Corporations, Banking, Insurance & Investments, Toys & Sporting Goods. In addition, field trips may be planned to the tourist attractions and other local entertainment centers. All activities are designed to enhance and enrich the learning process. As a result, learning about the world of finance and business has never been this much fun!

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Young Investors Club Network (YICN)

( The Young Investor Clubs Network provides parents, students and teachers with access to the necessary financial education training applications required to become successful. The YICN training strategy adheres to the philosophy that as is with sports, building wealth takes practice. We believe that students should begin learning about financial matters at an early age.

The YICN online training portals include Banking, Dream Planning, Financial Planning and Financial Training as a part of our training system. Each YICN online training portal is divided into eight sections that includes, curriculum, lesson plans, worksheets, videos, instructors area, quizzes, web links and more.

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Winning On Wall Street Kickoffs

( Learning has never been this much fun! This half-day introductory FICA Winning On Wall Street Kickoff training program is as the kids say "IT'S ALL GOOD".

Presented in a "Pep Rally" type atmosphere this program has students literally coming to their feet with excitement! Students are introduced to basic financial life skills, personal money management and financial markets in a way that helps them understand the need for better math, reading and writing skills!

Students explore the importance of saving and investing! In addition Future Investors leave with their own America Dream Plan. As with all FICA training programs this program is presented using superior interactive training strategies to enhance the learning process, including charts and graphs that keep young people wanting to learn more.

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FICA Books, Software and Videos

FICA Books, Software and Videos(, is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America, was founded in 1997 and created as a education resource development, acquisition and distribution company targeted to the full spectrum of the financial education/investment arena - from youth, individual investors and financial advisors to professional traders. Today, we partner with key industry players in the investment world including financial planning, brokerage, insurance and institutional investment firms.

FICA Books, Software and Videos topics include but are not limited to: Asset Allocation, Beginners, Cash Management, Economics, Financial Goals, Global Investing, Investing Strategies, Kids and Money, Mutual Funds, Stocks and much more.

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Young Investor Kits, Boxes and Packs

(, online e-learning system contains a comprehesive training professionally designed curriculum, lesson plans, links, audio, quizzes, worksheets, video's and more. The Young Investors Kit contains four financial education e-learning training curriculums, while the Tool Pack contains six and the Tool Box contains ten comprehensive training curriculums.

This comprehensive Young Investors Kit system has been carefully designed to increase students understanding of the many aspects involved in investing, portfolio development and how such knowledge can be used to become financially successful. In addition, students that complete this Basic Financial Intelligence training (BFIT) Young Investors Kit system are better prepared to enter into financial service careers and or become successful in whatever path she/he chooses.

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FICA Kids, Teens & Young Adult Club Memberships

(, FICA Members, Clubs, Chapters and Center affiliates can choose to participate in one or more of the FICA Special Training Programs being held throughout the year including the following: the Future Investors Saving Cents Is Common Sense, Financial Whiz Kids Challenge & Competition, Summer Camps, Young Investors Club, Young Analyst Club and Young Executives Club programs. FICA's development strategy entails establishing Clubs, Chapters & Centers in cooperation with elementary, middle, and high schools.

Our strategy also includes youth groups, magnet and charter schools. FICA instructors are licensed professionals and or teachers who have been trained to present the FICA curriculum in a fun and exciting way. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible. Become a member today!

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FICACONNECT is the subscription gateway( is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America and was created as the primary payment portal for all our products and service offerings.

FICA Clubs, Chapters, Centers and Individual memberships are all connected here. In addition, subscribers interested in books, camps, conferences, online e-learning, special events, software, trainings and workshops will find it easy to sign up for their desired financial intelligence training products and or services.

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