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About Us

FICA World Group, is a network of socially conscious financial intelligence training companies headquartered located in Orlando, Florida. The FICA World Group is the parent company of Future Investor Clubs of America, subsidiary FICA Whiz Kids and Teens e-School, Financial Literacy News Network, FICA Kids, FICA Books, Young Investors Club Network, FICA TV, FICA Radio, FICA Education, FICA APPS, Winning On Wall Street Kickoffs, Future Investors Stock Exchange Network, FICASOFT, Young Investor Kits, Tool Boxes and Packs. The company also oversees FICAConnect and the Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps an accredited financial education training program.

Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc.

(http://www.futureinvestorclubs.com/) has designed a system to provide individuals, schools and groups with the tools needed to establish a comprehensive financial and business intelligence-training program.
Future Investors Club of America programs includes but yet goes beyond introductory consumer economics and simulated games. FICA programs provides participating students with comprehensive financial and business intelligence training including real life skills. FICA financial and business intelligence training programs adheres to the philosophy that "becoming wealthy takes practice!".
There are five main training components associated with the FICA financial intelligence practice training system, they are: Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT), Advanced Financial Intelligence Training, Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT), International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT) and Leadership Financial Intelligence Training (LFIT).

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