Program Overview- Membership, Clubs, Events and Training

Future Investor Clubs of America believes that "Building Wealth Takes Practice", therefore we have established the FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers initiative. The FICAWORLD Centers initiative is designed to provide adults, youth, groups, schools and organizations the tools needed to implement a comprehensive business and financial intelligence training program. FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers strategy offers a comprehensive network of benefits to those individuals seeking quality financial intelligence education applications to help them gain superior knowledge in multiple business and financial markets.

FICAWORLD Center Member Benefits:

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FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers Education System

FICAWORLD's subscribers agree to adhere to our comprehensive strategic learning system that includes becoming a member and attending a Winning On Wall St. (WOWSFIT) Kickoff event. In addition, members are encourage to registering for one or more of the following: Introductory Workshops (IWFIT) series, Basic (BFIT), Advance (AFIT), Executive (EFIT), International (IFIT), Leadership (LFIT) and or Robotics (RFIT) Financial Intelligence Training programs.

In addition, once a member has completed FICA membership registration, attended a WOWS kickoff event, completed a BFIT training she/he may enroll in one of our Advance or Special Training Programs (STP) such as: Cryptocurrency (CFIT)(BitCoin), Stock Market (SFIT), Foreign Exchange-Forex (FFIT), Business (BUFIT) Commodities (COFIT), Real Estate-(REFIT), Trading (TFIT) Financial Intelligence Training and more.

FICAWORLD members that have successfully completed BFIT and or higher training application may participate in FICA Club meetings specifically tied to the level of curriculum Certificate of Completion. For example in order for a member to join a FICA Stock Market Club she/he must have completed BFIT and or SFIT curriculums respectively.

Membership Live Introductory Events

During this event individuals are provided with a detailed presentation about benefits of becoming affiliated or a member with FICAWORLD Center. Attendees are informed about the many benefits of increasing their financial intelligence using our comprehensive training system. Individuals, will be given an insight into the benefits of investing in various financial markets, strategies; and the current educational training opportunities available at the center.

Winning On Wall Street Kickoff Event

Learning has never been this much fun! This half-day introductory FICA Winning On Wall St. is as the kids say "IT'S ALL GOOD." Presented in a "Pep Rally" type atmosphere this program has students literally coming to their feet with excitement! Students are introduced to basic financial life skills, personal money management and financial markets in a way that helps them understand the need for better math, reading and writing skills! Students explore the importance of saving and investing! In addition Future Investors leave with their own America Dream Plan. As with all FICA training programs this program is presented using superior interactive training strategies to enhance the learning process, including charts and graphs that keep young people wanting to learn more.

Workshops (WFIT) Monthly Series

The Workshops Financial Intelligence Training monthly series, provides registered members with invaluable investing education, strategies, and information relevant to mulitple business and financial markets. The workshops are conducted in 1 1/2 hours segment in a professional classroom atmosphere. members can also participate introductory Workshops Financial Intelligence Training (WFIT) series on various topics.

2-Day Financial Intelligence Training

Many of our members already own some stocks or mutual funds in their pension plan, 401K, 403B or other investment plans. But few truly understand exactly how financial markets work or what is entailed in managing their current portfolio which is critical to long-term success. During this 2 Day (16 Hours) class, members explore just how financial markets work including the history, fundamental and technical analytics of each training application. The following FICA training curriculums may be offered in a 2 Day training format in selected areas. This 2-Day format is perfect for those with limited schedules and great for serious investors or students seeking maximum knowledge in a limited amount of time.

5 Day Financial Intelligence Training

This 5 Day (40 hours) Financial Intelligence Training is for those members that are seriously committed to increasing ones knowledge about Stocks, Commodities, Currency, Real Estate, Trading and or Futures investing. Investing in finanicial markets without proper training can lead to substancial loss of capital; while proper financial training can't guarantee profits, it increases ones chances of investing success.

VIP All Access Pass to Financial Intelligence Training

The VIP All Access Pass to Financial Intelligence Training is for those members that wish to attend multiple training programs and events held at the center. This VIP Pass during a 12 month period allows subscribers to attend any Stock Market, Commodities, Currency, Real Estate, Trading and or Futures investing training courses. In addition, VIP subscibers may host up to 5 private meetings at the center at no charge (Does not include Food or Beverage). Plus VIP members are provided with invitations to IPO Presentations held for visiting corporations and networking events. Also included are all benefits provided for to members registering for individual training programs, special events, meetings and prize drawings, The VIP All Access Pass represents a 60% or more savings off individual training registrations. Get a 20% discount on a second Guest or Spouse VIP Pass.

Online E-Learning

The FICA e-School is a comprehensive revolutionary online e-learning financial training system designed to help members to increase their business, career, financial and real life money skills. This online financial intelligence training system provides curriculums, audio, video, worksheets and more. Via the members only portal may access, basic, advance, executive, international and leadership skills; look no further, its all included in the Financial e-School. The Financial e-School incorporates professionally developed curriculum; high tech audio and videos; fun engaging financial games; strategic lesson plans; the latest online internet software as a service technology; collaborative education web links.

Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter Camps

Fun, Exciting and Informative. These three terms sum up our comprehensive and very informative FICA Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps™. While we are very committed to providing certified instructors, field trips and superior financial intelligence informative training applications, we don't just stop there. We make sure to set aside some time for a little fun, tours and entertainment activities. During the camp week(s) numerous opportunities are made available for students to get a chance to interact and get to know each other during daily FICA Business Lunches™. Allowing for students to build life long relationships. Depending on the length of your camp stay and city selection, students will visit famous tourist destinations.


Has established a FICA Club Initiative. The FICA Club Initiative is designed to provide individuals, small groups, schools and organizations the tools needed to implement a club programs. FICA Clubs must agree to adhere to the our comprehensive learning system. In order to participate in a FICA officiallY registered club program a member must have completed membership registration, attended a WOWS kickoff event, completed a BFIT training and or the special training program. For example in order to join the Stock Market Club members must have completed Stock Market Financial Intelligence Training (SFIT).

Financial Field Trips and Tours

Future Investors Club of America has designed a combinationation of Financial Field Trips and Tours to provide members the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom, curriculums and e-learning experiences. FICA Financial Field Trips and Tours has three main objectives, they are: expose members to business districts, corporations and financial markets; provide members with access to executives and industry professionals; introduce members career, internships, training and investment opportunities to help members succeed. Field Trips to Wall Street in New York, US Capital in Washington DC, Silicon Valley in San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando and more.

Examination and Certificate of Completion

FICA members participating in any of our training programs are required to take and pass an examination in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition in order to enroll in Advance curriculums members must have completed Basic Financial Intelligence Training.

Youth International Training Requirements

Student participants must be between the ages of 8-19 except for collegians, instructors, teachers and those nominated to participate in the FICA World International Business, Finance and Leadership Conference. Students attending the FICA business, executive, financial, investors, leadership, international training programs and or other events must be a registered member. As an FICA member each person will be provided the opportunity to attend comprehensive financial intelligence training programs to be held at locations throughout America and financial centers around the world.

FICA Members have the opportunity to visit national/international educational institutions, financial markets, major corporations, stock and commodity exchanges. In addition, As a FICA member, students are provided with the opportunity complete superior financial training applications in a classroom setting and visit some of the world’s top financial institutions such as: the China Stock Exchange (Shanghai Stock Exchange); Johannesburg Stock Exchange; London Stock Exchange; New York Stock Exchange; Tokyo Stock Exchange and more.

Training Requirements: Students must complete in order, FICA Basic Financial Intelligence Training, Advance Financial Intelligence Training, Executive Financial Intelligence Training, Leadership Financial Intelligence Training and International Financial Intelligence Training respectively. Consideration may be given to students attending our events that can provide documentation that they have completed similar training program satisfactorily. Completion of a FICA examination may also be required. FICA students must have a training competency rating of 90% or higher to advance to another training program. Students must have satisfactory behavior during their FICA training and while attending regular school. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible. If you agree, then join us by getting youth under your leadership involved in this exciting and comprehensive educational opportunity so that we may continue "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today." Register Today!

After School Financial Training and Tutoring

FICA's After School Financial Training and Tutoring program prepares the next generation of investors and financial leaders. This comprehensive training program incorporates online/face to face workshops and summer camps designed to teach youth about the world of financial markets. In addition to attending the Winning On Wall St. "Financial Pep Rally," Young Investors learn about the following: Financial Terminology, Insurance & Banking, Financial Planning, Investment Terminology, Investing In Stocks, Annuities, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Online Trading, Financial and Business Web-sites, Career and Credit Management and Starting an Investment Club. In addition, Young Investors learn the importance of Teaming Up, the Ten Commandments of Success, Five Laws of Gold and the Thirteen Steps Towards Riches. Young Investors After School training also includes fun and informative field trips and tutoring in reading, writing and mathematics. Each student is required to take and pass the BFIT competency examination in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

ACT/SAT Prep Small-Group Course

SAT Prep Small-Group Course (Strategies and Content)

This eight-week course covers content and strategies for all three sections: Reading, Math, and Writing. (We do not provide individual tutoring for the SAT or ACT until a student has completed our SAT Course.)

ACT Prep Classes (Strategies and Content)

This three-week course includes all ACT strategy, in addition to content practice and review. It is only available for those who have already taken our eight-week SAT Course.

ACT Strategy Seminar (Strategies Only) This one-day seminar helps students who have recently studied for the SAT change gears to the very different ACT test format. (Students will need to practice content on their own; Mindworks' SAT Small-Group Course is a pre-requisite.)

SAT/ACT Jump Start Camp (Preview of Strategies and Content) This Monday through Friday Camp allows rising juniors to get a head start on content and strategy for the revised PSAT and SAT as well as the ACT before school begins.

REMEMBER: we do NOT consider the Camp a replacement for the once-a-week-for-eight weeks course we offer immediately before the SAT test administered in the spring of junior year. Instead, this camp is a wonderful supplement to the spring class. If you can only choose one, select the course immediately prior to the spring-of-junior-year SAT! (Students who DO take our Camp will be given priority registration for the class in the spring and a $50 discount on the tuition.)

College Application Essay and Personal Statement Seminar

This four-week Seminar held summer of rising senior year helps students complete the all important Personal Statement Seminar that attaches to each college Application! (SAT Small-Group Course is a pre-requisite.)

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