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About FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers

FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers are designed to be America’s premier community based financial education and resource facility. We believed, that every American need and deserves to have an elevated level of knowledge in financial matters to succeed in today’s economy. Therefore, Future Investor Clubs of America, World Financial Learning Centers has been developed as a community base initiative; that provides an elevated level of comprehensive financial intelligence training applications. There are six main membership levels components associated with the FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers which are: Adult, Collegian, Family, Youth, Clubs and Chapters. The FICAWORLD center is open for membership and training program registration. We are committed to providing all members with the tools needed to implement a comprehensive personal and family financial intelligence learning program.

The foundation of each members training system, will be garnered from the multitude of curriculums developed by internationally famous, Future Investor Clubs of America; a learning system that includes the following: Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT), Advance Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT); Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT); International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT); Leadership Financial Intelligence Training (LFIT) and Robotics Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT). In addition, members at the center will also be able to select from a multitude of special training workshops, tours and events. (See Training).

FICA Adult, Collegian, Family, Youth, Clubs and Chapters, members can choose to participate in one or more of the FICA Special Training Programs and workshops being held throughout the year. See Special Programs. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible. If you agree, then join us by getting registered as a FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers member today. Also get those under your leadership involved in this exciting and comprehensive educational opportunity so that we may continue "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today."