Welcome to FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers

FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers (FLC), is a division of Future Investor Clubs of America (FICA), Inc. an EdTech Software as a Service, financial training company, founded in 1997. Since, 1997, thousands of individuals, students and teachers have been trained using our online e-learning (www.ficaeschool.com); summer camps (www.ficacamps.com) and many other events, products and services. Our company and students have been featured at both NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchanges. In addition, some of our student alumni have and are currently on campus at some of the worlds top business schools. Many receiving scholarships and graduating Magna Cum Laude. Many others, have gone on to successful careers in corporate America and are now saving and investing their money wisely.

The FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers (FICAWORLDFLC), are the evolution of the Future Investor Clubs of America financial intelligence training system. Each center is strategically located and carefully designed to be a community base High Tech and Rich Media training facility. All register members (Adults and Youth), and those affiliated with our FICA Clubs, Chapters and or organization network are invited to participate in a multitude of training opportunities. Including, but not limited to: member meetings, workshops, spring, winter, summer camps; as well as special training programs and events. In addition, each center is designed to make acquiring financial education easy, by hosting convenient, early morning, afternoon, afterschool, evening and weekend training programs.

FICAWORLD Center instructors are licensed or experienced industry professionals and or in who have been trained to present the FICA curriculum in a fun and exciting way. FICA's leadership believes that all youth should begin learning about finance and business at the earliest age possible.

Would you like to increase your personal or someone in the families’ financial intelligence? Do you want to learn about the Stock Market, Real Estate Investing; Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency), Foreign Currency, Securities Trading, Commodities, Credit, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning. Then you have come to right place. We invite you and the youth under your leadership to join us and then register for a FICAWORLD Financial Learning Center training program today. We at the FICAWORLD Financial Learning Centers are committed to helping to increase our members financial intelligence and to "Training Tomorrow's Investors Today." Join now.