Future Investor Clubs

Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc., has designed a system to provide individuals, schools and groups with the tools needed to establish a comprehensive financial and business intelligence-training program.

Future Investors Club of America programs includes but yet goes beyond introductory consumer economics and simulated games. FICA programs provide students with comprehensive financial and business intelligence training including real life skills. FICA financial and business intelligence training programs adheres to the philosophy that "becoming wealthy takes practice!" There are five main training components associated with the FICA financial intelligence practice training system, they are: Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT), Advanced Financial Intelligence Training, Executive Financial Intelligence Training (EFIT), International Financial Intelligence Training (IFIT) and Leadership Financial Intelligence Training (LFIT).

In addition to being designed to provide comprehensive training, programs are priced at a very competitive level. Individuals, Schools or groups with budgets of $1,000.00 or less will find that they are able to join or start a FICA Club and select the appropriate FICA Special Training Program that fits within their budget. FICA Individual Members, Clubs, Chapters and Centers that can afford to invest more, will have a choice of additional Special Training Programs, Workshops, Materials, Summer Camps and Financial Leadership Training Tours. FICA Clubs consist of 10-25 members and FICA Chapters have 26-100 members. FICA Centers have 101-200 members.



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