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The FICA Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School is a comprehensive revolutionary online e-learning training system designed to help students to increase their business, career, financial and real life money skills. If you have been searching for a one stop all inclusive financial intelligence training system that provides your students introductory, basic, advance, executive, international and financial leadership skills; look no further, its all included in the Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School. The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School incorporates professionally developed curriculum; high tech audio; fun engaging financial games; strategic lesson plans; the latest online internet software as a service technology; collaborative education web links.

In addition, the training system includes, financial aptitude quizzes; interactive worksheets; animation and educational video's designed to keep students motivated to learn. The complete Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system consist of 100 online e-learning portals and is designed for students to start learning as early as 8 years old and continue through their middle, high school and even college years.

Getting started learning is easy! The Financial Whiz Kids and Teens e-School training system networks includes; Mantis Money and Math; Kids and Teens 99 Ways To Earn Extra Cash; Young Investors Dream Life; Young Investors Banking; Young Investors Planning; Young Investors Training; Future Investors Stock Exchange; Young Investors Kit; and Young Traders Network. Subscribers can select to have access to the Young Investors Tool Kit 32 Portals, Young Investors Tool Pack 68 Portals and or Young Investors Tool Box 98 Portals respectively. In addition, each subscriber receives an awesome access Bonus to the Future Investor Clubs of America Membership portal that provides access to contest awards, games, and event discount certificates.

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